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Editing & proofreading (German & English)

The final polish for your work

It’s often difficult enough to compose a text. A typo might sneak into the text, or maybe a comma will slip to the wrong place. But even the author can have a tough time spotting those errors because he’s too familiar with the text. Here, it’s worth having a second pair of eyes at your disposal. For this, I’m offering simple proofreading services to fix orthographic or grammar mistakes.

Moreover, it matters for a text to be easy to understand and convincing in its phrasing. Many texts benefit from more suitable wording and a better reading flow. This especially concerns those in another language. With my editing services, I ensure that your work will be pleasant and appropriate to read.

I also offer a rebate for students.

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Should you want a novel or a non-fiction title to be polished to perfection, I will happily take care of that. Here, I work e.g. to keep the characterization consistent or to ensure a logical argumentation. I will help you maintain the tension and the reader’s interest.

Feel free to contact me by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with e.g. requests for cost estimates or how long a certain task will take.

Examples for editing and proofreading work:
• Scientific documents (e.g. doctoral theses, articles for expert magazines)
• Political texts (e.g. press releases, conference summaries, calls for action) – national and EU level
• Advertising copy (ads, posters, flyers, brochures)