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Translations, proofreading & editing services

The following prices apply per standard page (300 words).

Translations (business) starting from € 25.- plus V.A.T. € 4.75
Translations (private) starting from € 23.80 (incl. V.A.T. € 3.80)

This price applies both for translations from German to English as from English to German.

Proofreading (standard price)  € 2.86 (incl. V.A.T. € 0.46) 
Editing (standard price)  € 3.57 (incl. V.A.T. € 0.57) 
Proofreading (student price)  € 1.67 (incl. V.A.T. € 0.27)
Editing (student price)  € 2.74 (incl. V.A.T. € 0.44)


These prices apply both to English as well as to German!

I reserve the right to occasionally ask for a higher price, e.g. if there is a very high frequency and variation of scientific terminology.

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Editing/proofreading: from € 3.57 per standard page. Translations: starting at € 23.80.
1 - 3 pages already within 24 hours.

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Notes and explanation regarding standard pages

Commonly, I bill by standard pages. Such a page comprises 300 words. (If you’re using e.g. Microsoft Word, you can use the built-in function to quickly determine the number of words in your document.) Should the pages of your document have a diverging average of words per page, these will be converted to the standard page.
This means that I will only bill the text that I actually worked on. As shown in the examples below, pages may contain images or there is only half a page of actual text on one, for instance at a page break to a new chapter.
This way, I can offer a comparable and predictable price.