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In and of itself, the Oxford comma (also called the serial comma) isn’t exactly a font of irony. The ironic part is rather that it is not widespread in British English (BE) but rather in American English (AE). In Great Britain, only Oxford College itself prescribes the use of its comma while Brits otherwise list things without the added comma.


4 Dummy ENG


Every now and then, you stumble across an unfinished page or a template for, perhaps, a brochure, and you’re suddenly faced with Latin. Why is that?


English is English. You’d think so, wouldn’t you? Of course, Americans eat their chips from a bag while the British get theirs from the fryer. (In Old Blighty, “crisps” are the snacks you eat in front of the TV.) And sure, there’s the business with the “u” in e.g. “neighbor”/“neighbour“.