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Marc Hertel

By now, I’ve been working for more than 10 years as a freelance translator and editor. I was brought here because of my love for English and German – as well as for languages in general. On the one hand, I very much enjoy working with languages; on the other, I also learned how much I relish helping others attain their goals. This may be a short term paper for a student, an important presentation for a manager: Being there for others and helping them, that is a joy in itself for me.

In the course of my work, I’ve assisted a great number of diverse people, in various fields and stages of life. Among others, I have edited scientific works, such as doctoral theses or articles for expert magazines. Moreover, I have proofread advertising copy for various agencies which are regular customers. I have to admit, there is a certain fascination in following the development of a company through its advertisements – especially one located in a region far away from oneself.

I have produced translations for well-known international companies, in different fields. These include reports on market research, presentations, scientific works as well as advertising texts and product descriptions.

Furthermore, I am proud that I have been active for several scientific and political projects both on the national and the EU level. It is particularly the continuous collaboration with political actors that I have found to be of great personal interest.

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